LMBI, Inc. ROC# 239411

Metal Components

Landmark sells materials and components from MBCI, the industry’s leading manufacturer of metal roofing and wall components. Our relationship with MBCI allows us to provide our customers with the best in:

  • Metal roof panel offerings including single skin, insulated, standing seam, curved, exposed fastener, concealed fastener, soffits and underhung canopies.
  • Metal wall panel offerings including single skin, insulated, exposed fastener, concealed fastener and interior wall liners.
  • A variety of retrofit products that can enhance the quality of your project while lowering the overall life-cycle cost.
  • MBCI’s eco-FICIENT Insulated Metal Panels, including insulated roof panels and insulated wall panels.
  • A massive selection of components, including Cees, Zees, Eave Struts, Light Transmitting Panels and a large assortment of standard and custom trim.

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