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Fifteen years of proven excellence is the track record of Landmark Metal Builders. Three lifetimes of construction experience and commitment to customer value serve as the legacy that makes it possible.

Brothers Dominic and Brandon Moss became partners in Landmark in 2000, following extensive careers in the construction industry that started with their father’s company, which served the area under the name Arizona Landmark from 1974 to 1986. Both brothers moved on to other construction firms, and gained crucial experience that has benefitted them and their customers since reuniting as the Landmark that sets such a high standard today.

That’s LMBI, Inc., also known as Landmark Metal Builders. We are a premier metal building supplier and erector, serving southern Arizona including the areas of Tuscon, Nogales and Sierra Vista.

In addition to these core services, we also specialize in structural steel supply (including detailing) and erection – everything from erection of your third-party-supplied building to complete design/build services.

Our commitment to quality – to doing whatever it takes to deliver the value our customers expect – has resulted in the sort of growth that has only bolstered our capacity. From just four employees when we got our start in 2000, Landmark today has 65 professionals working in metal building erection, structural steel, steel stud framing and drywall. That has helped make it possible for us to excel at a wide variety of projects – ranging from small garages to multi-building complexes.

We expanded our capacity in the area of structural steel with our 2011 purchase of Hitchin Post Iron – the largest structural steel fabrication and repair shop in Cochise County and an excellent complement to our existing resources and expertise.

The consistent threads throughout all our projects are exceptional quality and satisfied clients.

Our pricing is competitive, but it’s not necessarily the cheapest. That’s because our clients look for value above all else. They know our commitment to safety, to customer service and to quality workmanship. They don’t expect to overpay – and with Landmark, they won’t – but they are glad to pay for what these qualities are worth. That gives us an ideal balance between service, quality and price.

Whether you are looking for a qualified subcontractor, or need someone who can deliver a “turn key” building for you, Landmark has the experience, skill and dedication you need. We are the right choice for all metal building and structural needs. That’s our history, our track record and our promise to you today.

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